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Lynne Curan Design was started in 2001 after a trip backpacking through Vietnam. Lynne met a young man in a market area selling silk handbags to tourists.  They communicated as best they could as neither of them spoke each others language, and decided to attempt a production of handbags, designed by Lynne and manufactured by Thao.

Well handbags became shoes and then the bags became bigger and then something to put inside the bags and Lynne Curan Design was formed.

Now all Lynne Curan Design Products are made by a small family business in Central Vietnam. Lynne does all the designing using traditional fabrics and the pattern making to ensure generous sizing.

None of Lynne's products are mass produced in a factory but are made by women working from home which provides them with income which in turn enables them to pay for such things as education for their children.

Lynne continues to work with Thao & his wife, Huong and now they have established their own company  where they employ a dozen full time employees as well as many out workers.

Thao spent many years in a state owned shoe factory. He now works a lot with leather and experiments with his own designs. His wife, Huong does alot of the sewing of initial designs and also arranges many of the out workers to manufacture Lynne Curan Designs.